From dream to result

Svep Design Center helps customers to bring their ideas to life. More than 30 years of creativity, innovation, product knowledge and experience make us the perfect partner. We design and develop products for customers worldwide.

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From Device to Cloud


Svep hardwareHardware is hard. Harder than you think. We’re experts at hardware design and love to make things work.


Svep SoftwareOur software engineers know everything about computer and smart phone applications, drivers and graphical user interfaces.


Svep DesignWe collaborate with the most experienced industry designers, 3D wizards and tool specialists.


Svep MolnOur multi-skilled team ensures that smart devices communicate perfectly – with or without cables.

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People matter

Our management team

  • Bo Nyman
    Bo NymanCEO

    Bo joined the company in the early eighties at a time when hole-mounted components were cool, and has worked with technology since. Through the years he has worked as a developer, project manager, qualitymanager and much more – now he is CEO, imagine that!

  • Katarina Permgård
    Katarina PermgårdCFO

    Master of the numbers and keeper of the sacred spread sheet, she joined the company in 2003 and quickly became instrumental in bringing order to the company financials as CFO. In addition to moonlighting as a fitness instructor and bicycle rider extraordinaire, she knows how to do a wicked apple pie.

  • Mikael Bergqvist
    Mikael BergqvistBusiness development

    The unsung hero of the keyboard, he started programming at the age of 12 and never stopped. Joined the company in 2001 and is now R&D Manager. Sent in as trouble-shooter when complicated projects need a firm hand, he also works with project management and business development. Not afraid to use a soldering iron when push comes to shove.

  • Mikael Hegardt
    Mikael HegardtMarketing & Sales manager

    Electronics wizard and master of quality. Marketing director too. Joined Svep in 2001 as a hardware designer, and soon became responsible for the electronics team. Bike enthusiast. M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology.

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Your road to a successful product

We know what to do to make your product the right way


PrestudyWe analyse current conditions to see what it takes to make your business case a commercially successfull project.


PrestudyWe develop prototypes for testing, verification and improvement!


PrestudyWe carefully select components, design the schematic and PCB layout, and program both embedded software and apps.


PrestudyWe validate and prepare the product for commercial production, and through our daughter company Swemake we can choose the right manufacturer for your product.


PrestudyWe see to that your product is continuously updated to ensure an optimal product life cycle.

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Get in touch!

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