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1978   This is where it all began. Four friends, fresh from the University, starts developing medical products under the company name Svep. The most successful of these products was Viaphone, a system which transfers X-ray images over the telephone network. Viaphone created a buzz, and both technical magazines as well as daily papers published articles about the product. Viaphone transferred an image consisting of 65536 pixels in 1.5 minutes.
1982   Viaphone was sold to another company, and Svep was transformed into a design house, although there were still a few products which later on was spun off to subsidiaries.
1985   Ericsson placed it's first order to Svep, which marked the beginning of a long cooperation.
1986   Digitronic, the first subsidiary for Svep is introduced in Sweden. Digitronic developed and manufacturerd the worlds first CCIR camera based on a CCD sensor.
1993   The subsidiary Svep Vision Products launches the optical inspection system FQI which still is being sold to floor manufacturers worldwide.
1997   Svep changes name to Svep Design Center, and is at this point a well known design house in the region, with many international customers.
2000   The semiconductor manufacturer Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh buys Svep, and expands into chip design, ASIC projects in the imaging area and audio and communication.
2003   Svep Design Center returns to private ownership, where the partners are active in the company.
2005   Svep Design Center opens an office in Helsingør, Denmark.
2008   Svep Design Center opens an office in Helsingborg

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