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Any product that is manufactured and assembled requires a manufacturing test system to make sure that the product is working properly when it arrives to the customer. Depending on the complexity of the parts included the type of testing varies from more or less manual testing to fully automated tests.

When developing products, we always design the products to be optimized for manufacturing testing. We are capable of developing a manufacturing test system, from specification to finished system, and deploy it anywhere in the world.


QualiTracer is a software suite that is developed by Svep. It is used to control instruments, devices and firmware programmers required when testing a device. Test flows are designed using XML, and test data are logged for each unique device.

Based on the saved data, trends may be analyzed as well as normal distributions, yield, and many other parameters used when manufacturing products.

Qualitracer runs on the Windows platform, and supports multiple test stations. It is highly configurable for every type of product and supports customer-defined variables that may be included in the logs. If required, a server solution is available that collects data from the Qualitracer clients.

We know manufacturing test systems!

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