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Svep Design Center AB sells services within electronic- and software development.

The company quality policy is to, by actively working and improving our quality, create increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

The company shall

  • Be flexible and sensitive for our customers requirements and needs.
  • Make available resources for training, competence development and exchange of experience.
  • Develop working methods that constantly are improved.
  • Assign employees a personal responsibility for quality.
  • Strive for a long term relationship with our customers.
  • Require that our partners and subctractors have a high quality level.

The company environmental policy aims towards maintaining an active environmental commitment that involves all employees and meets requirements from customers and auhorities. Our work with environmental issues shall constantly be improved to counter negative impact on the environment.

The company shall

  • Constantly update our knowledge of rules and regulations.
  • Educate our employees in environmental issues and create conditions and motivation for our employees to work with those issues
  • Have an active dialogue with our customers concerning environmental aspects on projects.
  • Actively work with new environmental goals.
  • Regularly improve how we work with environmental issues.
  • Always include environmental issues when making technical selections.
  • Require our subcontractors and partners to have a high environmental profile.

  Svep Design Center AB    S:t Lars väg 42A, 222 70 Lund    Tel: +46 46-19 27 00


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