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IOT, Product delevopment

On 26 January of this year the contemporary Swedish watch brand Kronaby launched its first collection of connected watches. Kronaby’s design is inspired by classic watchmaking and Scandinavian design, on the inside however nothing is traditional about it. The hybrid movement uses Bluetooth low energy technology to communicate with your smartphone, compatible with both iOS and Android. Svep has been involved from the start with product development, and worked with the PCB design and power supply. The battery time of two years has caught a lot of attention in media lately as many other smart watches needs to be charged more often. “To optimise every single part of the design from a power consumption perspective was crucial,” says Stefan Magnusson, from Svep who has worked on the Kronaby project since November 2015. Kronaby is developed and launched by the Malmö based technology company Anima. “Kronaby has been developed during the last 18 months, which is an impressive pace,” Stefan says.

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