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You are the innovator with an idea. Together, we implement your vision. You get all the credit and the success of the bargain.

We combine systematic and creative product development work based entirely on your needs and wishes. The product development process often differs from company to company, and product to product. With more than 35 years of experience Svep Design Center is always one step ahead, taking all aspects into account. We master the four steps that most product development processes contain: product innovation, specification, principle construction and product design.

Almost every product development problem is unique, but the different solutions could be found everywhere. We are used to solving issues regarding new product development, component selection, construction method, parametric product development, redesign, and more. Regardless of your product development problem, we are here to guide you towards commercial success.

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When working with hardware design for a product, we always look at the bigger picture where cost, manufacturability and type approvals as well as functionality are important.

We are experts at all kinds of digital and analog design, and do all electronics development in-house, including schematic and layout design. The main tool chain is the Pads suite, but we also use other established tool chains.

Our experienced and multi-talented engineers manage products that incorporate wireless technologies: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, GPS, 2G/3G/4G and custom designs for the ISM bands. The antenna is an integral part of all RF devices and is selected and designed with care. Of course, we work closely with all major semiconductor suppliers.


It’s easy to over-complicate software solutions. Especially when the software has to interact with electronics. Our software developers and electronics engineers work closely together to ensure that the applications we create communicate perfectly with embedded devices. We make sure our solutions are simple and easy to use.

After more than 200 man-years of software development we know that software, electronics and type-approval requirements must be considered as a total system solution in order to provide the required functionality and end user experience.

We develop for Linux all the way down to custom drivers. We develop applications for Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iPhone. And we know a whole lot about Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, Ethernet, GSM and 3G as well.


“The cloud” is profoundly changing our lives and behaviours whether we like or not. We love it as it allows our customers to create smarter, simpler and more cost-efficient products and services.

Cloud computing or just ”the cloud” allows application software to be operated using internet-enabled devices. The cloud is one of the cornerstones of the Internet of Things, where a technical device is connected to a computer server (i.e. the cloud) through wireless technology (WiFi, Bluetooth etc) and can transfer data from machines to machines, and from people to people. We have worked with the Internet of Things and cloud computing since before the terms became widely known. We collaborate with all large cloud service players, such as Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS).


Creating an attractive and functional industrial design is vitally important for a product’s success. Today that is valid for both consumer products and for products made for industrial applications. That is why we collaborate with the most experienced industry designers, 3D wizards and tool specialists.

Our design partners have deep insights into user behaviours and preferences, ergonomics and interfaces, as well as how strong brand concepts are created. We have a number of well-known partners in the region and internationally, e.g. Zenith Design, Jelmtech, CoreDEQ, Frankly and Ingenjörsprojekt to mention a few.

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Our special skills

Internet of things is our home turf. We master a broad range of skills to bring your product to life, and to connect it to the internet.


Svep hardwareWe are experts at all kinds of digital and analog design, schematic and PCB layout. We see the bigger picture, where cost, manufacturability and type approvals as well as functionality are important.


Svep embedded systemsEmbedded systems are the heart of many common devices today. We know how to design and program embedded systems to be small and efficient at a low cost.


Svep softwareSoftware comes in different kinds and flavours – we know all of them: embedded software, smart phone applications, computer applications, cloud-based applications.


Svep radioWe master all aspects of wireless design for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, 2G/3G/4G, antennas, wireless charging and custom RF designs.


Test systemsWe have tested thousands of products that contain electronics mounted on a PCB. We have even created Qualitracer, a testing platform, for just that!


Iphone and IpadIphone, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia – we have hundreds of smart phones and tablets so that we can develop and test our software programmes on most of the popular mobile devices available.


UltrasoundMeasure the depth of a hole? Find out how much oil there is in an oil tank? Separate unwanted substances from a fluid? We have a broad experience of ultrasonic devices.


CertificationBefore a product can be sold it must be type approved for the market it is sold in. We can help you with CE, FCC and other regulatory approvals anywhere in the world!


AudioAudio and acoustics require a deep understanding in mechanics, audio codecs, echo cancellation and amplifiers.


Through the years we have created, developed and improved thousands of product ideas. With a proven and well-developed process, we can help you ideate your product, structure your innovation ideas and sort out the best ones.


PowerBatteries are critical for mobile products. We know how to select the best battery and design the most efficient power management solution.


Movement sensors, temperature sensors, chemical sensors, light sensors, touch sensors. We make sense of them all!

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We understand all the challenges in taking a specification, prototype or idea and turning it into a great product. Our engineering team is comprised with electrical, mechanical and software experts, who work together to develop the product and deliver a ready-to-use package to the manufacturer.

If you wish, we can take care of the whole manufacturing process as well. We carefully choose a manufacturer best suited to produce your product, set up contract, supply chain and logistic solutions, and go through all the quality details with the manufacturer. This way, you can focus on sales, marketing and other important priorities.

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