The Svep advantage

Your reliable partner

Here is the deal: We love what we do. We are a bunch of tech geeks, and we are very proud of it. Meeting challenges, solving problems and finding the right solutions distinguish us from the crowd. The thrill of delivering a great solution to a customer gives us shivers down our spines. Especially when we use the latest technologies and make them work in new and sometimes ground-breaking ways.

When you give Svep an assignment you can always expect us to be enthusiastic, committed and personally involved.

We use all our resources to come up with the optimal solution. Our project managers are very skilled at managing complex projects. We deliver on time and within budget.

At Svep, good enough is never sufficient. We do not settle for compromises. Instead, we strive for excellence and top quality in everything we do. There are many reasons why our customers like us a lot, and our employees like to work here. But enough of patting our own backs, it is time for you to find out for yourself. Welcome!

Contact us today: +46 46-192700

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People matter

This is our management team

  • Bo Nyman
    Bo NymanCEO

    Bo joined the company in the early eighties at a time when hole-mounted components were cool, and has worked with technology since. Through the years he has worked as a developer, project manager, qualitymanager and much more – now he is CEO, imagine that!

  • Katarina Permgård
    Katarina PermgårdCFO

    Master of the numbers and keeper of the sacred spread sheet, she joined the company in 2003 and quickly became instrumental in bringing order to the company financials as CFO. In addition to moonlighting as a fitness instructor and bicycle rider extraordinaire, she knows how to do a wicked apple pie.

  • Mikael Bergqvist
    Mikael BergqvistBusiness development

    The unsung hero of the keyboard, he started programming at the age of 12 and never stopped. Joined the company in 2001 and is now R&D Manager. Sent in as trouble-shooter when complicated projects need a firm hand, he also works with project management and business development. Not afraid to use a soldering iron when push comes to shove.

  • Mikael Hegardt
    Mikael HegardtMarketing & Sales manager

    Electronics wizard and master of quality. Marketing director too. Joined Svep in 2001 as a hardware designer, and soon became responsible for the electronics team. Bike enthusiast. M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology.

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Pointing out our direction

Our Board of Directors

  • Karin Dahlstrand
    Karin DahlstrandBoard member

    Employee representative. Quality and Project manager at Svep.

  • Stefan Magnusson
    Stefan MagnussonBoard member

    Employee representative. Development engineer and project leader at Svep.

  • Örjan Johansson
    Örjan JohanssonBoard member

    External board member. Management consultant. Board member of Crunchfish, Zaplox, Hövding and Trivector System as well as Chairman of the Board for Spiideo. Co-founder of Mashmobile.

  • Rasmus Nervall
    Rasmus NervallBoard member

    External board member. CEO of Adsensus.

  • Ingela Lidén
    Ingela LidénBoard member

    External board member. Interim manager at Strålfors. Chairman for Presis, board member of 24hr and mentor. Former CEO of Stretch Öresund.

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Partners and network

We create partner alliances with the best experts and suppliers in the world. Below you’ll see some of the many partners we have in our network and that we collaborate with on a regular basis.

Icon - Nordic Semiconductor
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A timeline

Since 1978, with our creativity and vast know-how in electronics, mechanics and software we help our customers to be at the forefront of technology. We turn our customers’ ideas into new smart products. Many of the products have been sold in millions all over the world and are part of our customers’ success.



After having graduated from Lund Institute of Technology with degrees in electronics, Lars Gustavsson...
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Viaphone is divested and Svep focuses on advanced consulting services.
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Svep enters the telecom industry and signs its first order with Ericsson. The order is the start of a long and mutually fruitful cooperation.
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Digitronic, Svep’s first subsidiary, is established. Digitronic develops...
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Svep Vision Products, owned by Svep, launches...
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Svep changes its name to Svep Design Center.
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The company develops one of the first cameras to be...
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German Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh purchases...
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Svep Vision Products AB and the optical inspection system FQI are divested to Optonova.
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Svep Design Center returns to private ownership…
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The company establishes an office in Helsingør, Denmark.
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Svep Design Center is established in Helsingborg, Sweden.
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ISO9001 and ISO14001
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The company becomes member of Power hour and develops high profile products.
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Svep Design Center and Chase XL start Swemake…
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We are hiring brilliant, down-to-earth and inspiring people who want to be challenged of our everyday assignments and activities. At our office in Lund, Sweden some 40 skilled, committed and fun people work with exciting technical projects covering a wide range of industries and applications.

Are you interested in working at Svep, please send a short introduction letter and your CV to us. E-mail your application to We reply to your application as soon as we can.

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