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When you need expertise within algorithms, AI, IoT, cloud, apps or UX.

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What electronics and software idea would you like to bring to life?

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At our test facility we help you with compliance, test and verification.


At Svep, we specialize in project-based services for companies looking to develop cutting-edge tech products.

Our expertise in project management, electronics and software solutions allows us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your project.

Svep’s clients range from global corporations to ambitious startups, all seeking to create authentic experiences for their products and services.
And whether you’re starting from scratch or need assistance with a specific aspect of your development process, we meet your unique development needs and deliver high-quality results on time and cost effective.

Partner with us to bring your vision to life with top-of-the-line electronics and software solutions.

We transform our clients’ ideas and concepts into reality.

Expertise in design & innovation

At Svep, innovation, design and quality go hand in hand. We deliver cutting edge technology, and wide-ranging expertise, put into our clients’ solutions.

40+ years in the market​

40 years in the market has provided us with a wealth of experience. As a development partner we design together with our client.

World class quality

We promise you quality results. That means creating innovative solutions, for small and big businesses worldwide.

We have worked with

“Almost all products created today contain electronics and software of some kind. More and more products should be connected and contain intelligence, here Svep Design Center is an important partner for us.”
Carl-Fredrik Emilsson
CEO Jelmtech
"Svep has a lot of knowledge, and width, as well as an interest in things around the main task - which enriched the project itself."
Per-Arne Andersson
R&D Manager TST-Sweden


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We have created brand new system solutions, steered ongoing projects back to track and developed over a hundred different products over the years, sold in hundreds of millions of units worldwide.

At Svep, innovation, design, and quality, go hand in hand.

We are your development partner in software and electronics.

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