Consumer Electronics

At Svep we are experts in the development of electronics and software for consumer products.
Our clients range from large international companies to smaller firms undergoing expansion.

Form, function and price

The balance between form, function and price needs to be just right for consumer products to meet all quality and regulatory requirements. In developing these products we draw upon a wealth of experience from several different areas within product development.

Our clients do not need to have a complete product specification to enter into a dialogue with us; part of our job is to help identify the right product for the right market.

We have developed over 100 products since the early 80’s, which have been sold in hundreds of millions of copies worldwide, giving Svep a unique proficiency in our field. We use unique design flows which allows us to develop products quicker than our competitors.


Our areas of particular expertise include

  • Wireless products (2G/3G/4G, Bluetooth, WLAN, Zigbee/ZWave)
  • Miniaturization (Smart watches, headsets, GPS)
  • Door locks
  • Alarm systems
  • Battery optimization
  • Audio application
  • Wearables

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We have created brand new system solutions, steered ongoing projects back to track and developed over a hundred different products over the years, sold in hundreds of millions of units worldwide.

At Svep, innovation, design, and quality, go hand in hand.

We are your development partner in software and electronics.

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