Engineering Services

We help our clients with the design, development, and implementation of complex electronic systems and software, including embedded systems, IoT and artificial intelligence.

With our deep understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends, we’re able to provide our clients with a competitive edge in their markets.

Software Development

At Svep we make software built to last. Code written today must function and be able to be maintained in the future. We utilise a development process in which our developers have access to tools allowing them to run automatic builds, tests and static code analysis, thereby future-proofing the code they write.

Our colleagues work together to proof each other’s code, making sure we can find any potential faults early in the development process. Quite simply, we pool together the extensive collective experience within the company and thereby reduce unnecessary costs to the client. We know what it takes to foster long-lasting products.


Embedded Systems

At Svep we have a wealth of experience in developing embedded systems. We work with everything from small ARM Cortex M0’s to large dedicated servers. This wide range of processors requires an extensive knowledge-base of different operating systems.

Electronics Development

Svep is heavily involved in electronics and, as such, we are very knowledgeable on the subject. We ensure the manufacturing phase runs smoothly by managing the architecture, schematics, layout, verification principles and the most difficult quality, getting the design to work properly.

We have been a part of the journey when it comes to electronics development and have witnessed thru hole mount circuits give way to newer, highly-integrated CMOS circuits. We work with all types of electronics, be it analog or digital, old or new. Our projects come in all shapes and sizes, from the very small to the very large. We are meticulous and carry out testing, verification and validation on our builds.


Project Management

From experience we know that an involved client is a happy client. Therefore most projects we work on involve agile methodologies. This way of working makes it possible for our clients to actively participate in the project. Our planning tools provide constant access to daily project statuses, activity prioritisation and planning.

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We have created brand new system solutions, steered ongoing projects back to track and developed over a hundred different products over the years, sold in hundreds of millions of units worldwide.

At Svep, innovation, design, and quality, go hand in hand.

We are your development partner in software and electronics.

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