Our Team

Our team includes developers, engineers, architects, and project managers who collaborate to bring ideas to life. We aim to provide our clients with effective and efficient outcomes through a focus on innovation and teamwork.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. We are here to help you as best we can!

Mikael Bergqvist


“I am proud to work for one of the world’s most experienced hardware and software development teams.”

Fredrik Carlberg


“It feels amazing to be able to share all the experience and excellence that Svep has to offer with our clients. The family atmosphere at Svep is a strength to both cherish and protect, it’s definitely an asset for customers and employees alike.”

Katarina Permgård


“In simple terms of addition, 1+1=2. However the most valuable thing at Svep is our colleagues; they are invaluable. Therefore, the usual laws of mathematics do not apply; at Svep we are greater than the sum of our parts. 1+1 is always >2.”

Mikael Hegardt

Business Development

“Even after over 25 years working with development, there are still new things to learn and new problems to solve. Working together with our clients and our world-class engineers is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.”

Marianne Rydgren

Product & Business Development

“The journalist in me rejoices over all the new technology at Svep. I am proud to be part of a company where a warm atmosphere and skilled colleagues generate innovative solutions for our customers.”

Dean Mocibob

Business Development

“Meeting clients and understanding their needs is fundamental to my work. Furthermore, it’s always enjoyable to be able to bring sound technical expertise to the table.”

Robert Rembowski

Business Development

“I take great pride to be a part of one of the sharpest and most skilled development house this region has to offer. We are strengthening our clients in their challenges with expertise, support and exceptional domain knowledge by delivering them world-class-level projects.”

Therese Waldholm


“Our employees are our most important asset. Being able to work employee-focused and see the results of both competence and self-development in our employees is incredibly rewarding and inspiring!”

Anna Lanker

Project Manager

“At Svep I’m managing development projects of various kinds of products for our customers. As a project manager I’m working closely with our customers to set plans, budgets and follow up on project progress to secure that we meet their requirements. Internally our work is based on agile development methods.”

Daniel Nord


“Our strengths are curiosity and collective knowledge, which serve to our advantage when facing new challenges. My focus and interest is in cloud solutions and usability.”

Jimmie Johansson

Head of Embedded Firmware

“Embedded systems range from the beep of a dishwasher to the data security of a phone. The common challenge is solving the problem in the best possible way. Our embedded team is passionate about this, and my focus is creating optimal work conditions and supporting the team.”