Manufacturing testing

Manufacturing a modern production environment requires striking a balance between manufacturing cost, quality, and time-to-market. This is why we have developed Qualitracer!

Qualitracer Core is our manufacturing test platform for medium and high volumes, but also for smaller volumes. It is built on a proven combination of software and hardware.

Qualitracer can of course be used for existing products, but it is when we are responsible for the development and manufacturing test process from beginning to end that we can find the sweet spot in the cost-quality-time triangle.

This separates us from suppliers who come in at a later stage!

Qualitracer Core

Using Qualitracer Core as a starting block, it is possible to build flexible, robust, and scalable test processes for any product containing electronics that requires firmware loading, PCBA testing and final assembly testing.

We work with well-known suppliers of instruments and fixtures such as Keysight, Rigol and Ingun. These provide long-term stability and multiple purchasing sources.

Every Qualitracer test system comes with the Qualitracer Software, which has been developed and improved during more than 20 years of usage. It is used to run test flows, control power supplies, instruments and label printers as well as analyse trends such as yield and cycle time.

PCBA Test station

The PCBA test station verifies that the assembled PCBA has been mounted correctly using a customized needle test fixture. Common test cases include:
  • Voltage measurements.
  • Current measurements.
  • Firmware downloading.
  • Verification and calibration of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G.
  • Device configuration.
  • Print labels.

Assembly test station

An assembly test station verifies that the final product, usually consisting of an enclosure and one or more PCBA’s, works as expected.

Common test cases include:

  • Light sources such as LED’s.
  • Verification of displays.
  • Haptic feedback.
  • Sensor test and calibration.
  • Final testing of wireless connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G.
  • Product configuration.
  • Printing of labels for product and packaging.
Qualitracer 04 (utdragslåda) 2013-11-04

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