About Svep Design Center

Svep Design Center was founded in 1978 by three fresh graduates from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. A few years later the founding trio were joined by a further member and became a quartet. The early years were spent in a cellar on Grönegatan before moving to Sankt Lars Park in 1986. We have kept our offices in this leafy oasis and today our company boasts 50 exceptional members of staff.

Within Svep’s walls lies extensive experience, a wealth of expertise and high competency within several specialist fields. As engineers we have a passion for development and innovation. We love to explore new ground and face new exciting challenges. A long-term view, creativity, flexibility and respect are fundamental values which have contributed to our strong competitiveness over the years. We are highly committed to our clients. The Svep spirit fundamentally involves a strong sense of job satisfaction where competence, original thinking and experience all go hand in hand.

Feeling involved is an important part of our company culture. Everyone who works for us has the opportunity to affect both their own and the company’s development and, as such, every employee also has the opportunity to become a partner in our company.