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From agriculture to automobiles, healthcare to logistics, more and more companies are transforming their business with IoT. Using the Svep IoT Platform you can quickly deploy and operate secure, scalable IoT solutions for all types of industries.

Collect data from connected devices and monitor any parameters, from temperature and location to bacteria particles in the air. Keep check on device connection, battery condition software version, settings and more.


The Svep IoT Platform lets you:

Analyze data in real-time

  • AI and machine learning integration
  • Data visualization

Provide services and user interfaces for your customers

  • Customize and optimize user experiences for Monetize data through predictive analytics and proactive action
  • Manage users securely – ensuring cybersecurity compliance
  • Easily integrate with end user systems for simple, transparent operation
  • Open API for greater flexibility

An easy way to IoT

Built around Microsoft Azure services, the modular, widget-based Svep IoT Platform offers you:

  • Fully managed end-to-end services for device and product suppliers
  • Cloud-based solution, no need for servers and maintenance
  • 24/7/365 fleet management for complete control
  • Real-time data analysis and visualization – make decisions fast
  • Easily connects and integrates to your enterprise systems for quick implementation
  • Offer your customers the services and user interfaces they need

Smart, simple device management

Secure device communicationAuthenticate every device, register and provision with ease
Secure low overhead encrypted communication
  • Secure over the-air-device update
  • Deploy new firmware safely and robustly across groups of devices and at set intervals with failure detection
  • Monitor the health of devices in the field
  • Collect telemetry and take preventive actions

Connected customers


nanoPower Norway provides a secure and tested end-to-end solution to track shipments of temperature-controlled parcels like COVID-19 vaccine and other temperature sensitive goods.

The Svep IoT Platform collects, logs and notifies operations of any shipment outside of specifications and provides full end-to-end visibility of temperature data for customers to provide secure legal and contractual proof.



Tunstall has 15 regional response centres in Sweden that work with health professionals and social care providers to manage long-term health conditions and provide person-centred care.

Svep Design Center provides a secure and trusted device management platform to monitor received alarms and provide mission-critical information to Tunstall operations centres, care givers and municipalities.


Together with the Swedish Research Institute (RISE) and the Swedish Agricultural University, Svep has developed IoT applications for smart agriculture that help reduce water consumption, protect against frost damage and predict optimal harvest conditions.

The app measures, for example, sunshine, temperature and irrigation and integrates these with weather forecast services. 
It then uses AI to generate insights that in turn lead to action for people in the agriculture industry.

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