Ground-breaking tracking device for golf enters the market​

World of golf is facing a new revolutionary device for real time tracking and immediate feedback system to perfect a user’s golf-swing.

World of golf is facing a new revolutionary device for real time tracking and immediate feedback system to perfect a user’s golf-swing.

“We came to Svep with an idea and a dream and now as we finalize the first step of this journey, I feel that the end result is far better than we would imagine. And now we are ready to really make an impact in the game of golf.” – says Markus Westerberg Co-founder of deWiz Golf.

deWiz™ is a revolutionary new training aid that delivers instantaneous feedback within your swing. Its innovative approach accelerates the learning process by removing the guesswork and alerting you in real time while you swing. The device analyzes your swing motion. When you break your pre-set parameters, it generates a tickling electric pulse and audible alert in real time.

“…so knowing what you are supposed to do is in your conscious mind. The ability to swing the way you want to do is in your subconscious mind, so what we what to do here is to tap in, to the subconscious mind in order to improve your golf-swing, preferably fast.” Markus Westerberg adds.

Markus Westerberg is a former professional tour player, currently coaching golfers all around the world for more than a decade now, and fills in that as a coach, the goal is to getting people to improve faster and perform better on the golf course, and there we come to “motor learning”. Motor leaning is basically what your golf-swing does, he explains.

How it works
deWiz™ captures your swing instantaneously via a wearable wristband and app. It corrects improper swing patterns in real time via its revolutionary and buzzworthy learning stimuli. And accelerates your pace of learning with a science-based approach to break unwanted habits.

“…we had a request consisting of three points. Number one was real time golf-swing tracking. Number two was the ability to administer a feedback within ten milliseconds of breach. Number three was 100% repeatability.” – Westerberg states.

To obtain a level of accuracy needed for this application, and at the same time being able to react in a split second is notoriously difficult. While performing position-based calculations, the smallest error will escalate creating a tremendous offset. Understanding the sensor limitations is imperative to achieve the required performance for this kind of application.

Tech development
Svep Design Center is a leader in advanced algorithm development with a long track record of delivering advanced data analysis services for embedded devices. Experienced within the latest sensor technology, for real time tracking, positioning, audio, and biometrics. Svep’s development team consist of several PhDs with background in signal processing and data analytics.

“… six weeks later at our third meeting the team came back with an answer “we have an idea”, and the rest is history”Markus says, smiling.

“It’s a truly unique, ground-breaking and innovative product. Researched and developed over many years, in close cooperation with our client and is now ready for market launch.” says Mikael Bergqvist CEO at Svep Design Center and adds, “Our team of engineers spent 4 years developing the software and electronics for dewiz. We tested dozens of prototypes with professional golf players to prefect the Algorithms, sensor technology and electronics. And with our partner Jelmtech we optimized the design to achieve a great product experience”

Mikael Bergqvist concludes that as the main tech-partner Svep Design Center are proud to be a part of the deWiz journey, and would like to thank them for this opportunity. For, this groundbreaking product will surely make an impact in the world of golf. The knowledge acquired in this project together with deWiz opens up for exiting innovations ahead, and the teams at Svep are looking forward to see what the future brings in therms of innovative solutions for our clients and colaborations.

The teams behind the product
The deWiz™ is developed by Svep Design Center AB as main tech partner in a collaboration with Jemtech AB as industrial and mechanical design partner to complete a great product experience. Svep Design Center is a recognized design house and engineering partner. Developing and create smart and connected products spanning both hardware and IoT platform development and operations. Jelmtech AB is a product development and design partner within the field of industrial applications, medical devices and consumer products.

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